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Beginning August 27, 2017, our office will be implementing a technical standard required by the Florida Supreme Court Standards for Electronic Access to the Courts. This standard requires sequential numbering of certain case events that are applied to a case docket. Once implemented, most significant case events, judgments and sentence events added to a case docket will receive a “Doc #” added to the end of the event line. The first event to receive this number on a case will display as, “Doc # 1” – the second would read as “Doc # 2” and incrementing by one for each new entry. These entries are per case – so each case will have its own “Doc # 1”, etc. For cases that already exist and have event entries docketed, we will not go back to retro-actively number them. These sequence numbers will appear on our Court Records Public View website as well as on internal systems for convenient reference. The sequence numbers are static. Once they are assigned they will not be re-numbered or re-used on a case. Each number will remain assigned to the event for which it was originally created for the duration of the existence of the record. Some case events noted on the docket are not required to receive a sequential number. It may also occur that for case maintenance or confidentiality, an event may not be visible to the public; therefore a sequence number may appear to skip.
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